Healing Through Grief: Insights From Soul Healer And Ascension Teacher, Isabelle Zimmerman

Widowhood Real Talk with Tina | Isabelle Zimmerman | Healing Grief


“We will not ascend as a species without going through our grief.” In this insightful episode, Tina Fornwald speaks with Isabelle Zimmerman, a Soul Healer and Ascension Teacher on a mission to illuminate the transformative power of connecting with your Spirit Guides. Isabelle shares her expertise in HeartMath and meditation, emphasizing their benefits for grief and emotional healing. The conversation delves into Isabelle’s personal journey, her connection to Spirit Guides, and the transformative power of meditation. Gain valuable insights into the science behind HeartMath, the role of emotions in cellular memory, and the importance of releasing stuck energy for overall well-being. Isabelle’s unique approach to healing and her dedication to helping others navigate grief make this conversation a compelling and uplifting exploration of spiritual growth and self-discovery.

Thank you for viewing this post. I am not a licensed therapist or professional life coach.

I am sharing my experience of loving the same man for 32 years, a mother to two adult children, a retired military officer, a breast cancer survivor, and my connections with others. 

Anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts should reach out to a suicide hotline or local emergency number in their country: Suicide Hotlines and Prevention Resources Around the World

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Healing Through Grief: Insights From Soul Healer And Ascension Teacher, Isabelle Zimmerman

Our guest is Miss Isabelle Zimmerman and she is going to provide us with some tools regarding heart mapping, meditation, and finding out how to get your while back. Let’s get into the conversation now. Isabel Zimmerman, welcome.

Tina, I’m happy to be here.

You’ve been in the Widowhood not just on a show because you’ve actually supported us and done things already, but I guess this is an official welcome to the Widowhood.

Some people are meeting me for the first time.

Where are we meeting you from? Where are you located in the world at this moment?


Widowhood Real Talk with Tina | Isabelle Zimmerman | Healing Grief


Currently, I am in a little town called Spartanburg in South Carolina on the East Coast of the United States.

Are you from there originally?

I am not. I would say I’ve been blessed in living in many different places. My formative years were in Ohio, so I might be considered an Ohioan. In my adult years, I lived in Connecticut. Some people might call me a Yankee.

I was thinking both of those places were cold. That’s what came to my mind immediately. What is the weather like in comparison to where you’re at and where you grew up?

South Carolina is like spring here, so you can wear a light jacket. It’s warm and sunny.

I mentioned that you have already supported the widowhood and I don’t want to do a disservice to the event that you supported. That’ll be a good way to segue into things you do and how you support other people. What do you think?

That’s wonderful.

Do you want to talk about the event you did for us?

Tina and I met at a networking event and told her the work she’s doing is so important. My name is Isabelle Zimmerman and I’m an Ascension Teacher. What that means is that I help folks to connect to their spirit guides and to go into their soul field, which a lot of people would consider past life regressions.

I’ve done over 1,000 regressions. I am very connected to spirit. I’m also a channeler. I would also consider myself, the new terminology, if you have not heard it, is called a lightworker. All that means is we assist our humans here, our friends here on this Earth to raise their vibration and connect to the unseen world, which are your spirit guides.

Thank you for that. When you assisted us, I believe it was a meditation event before Christmas. Can you talk about like what that event was like and then maybe how it can be helpful for people who are grieving?

Yes. Grieving is a process, whether it is this current incarnation or a past incarnation. Believe it or not, it is a process to grieve that loss, to feel that loss of love. That sadness can be very overwhelming and you can feel it in your body. Meditation allows you to release and soften that sadness. It allows you to be connected in the now moment. That meditation that we did, because I’m also certified in Heart Math and if you’re all inspired to look it up, it’s been around for 50 years.

There’s a lot of science around it. There are extreme physiological benefits in meditation, but there are also spiritual benefits. Some people might consider prayer or connecting to nature, going for long walks or petting their animals. They get into a calmer state of mind. There are brain waves, theta, beta, delta, and alpha, and the theta brainwave is usually where I get the person for hypnosis, but you want to go into a calmer state out of beta, which would be anxious and into a delta. Tina, have you ever been able to sit in nature and feel this peace and calm?




If you’re not in nature, you can get that same feeling through meditation.

Thank you for that explanation. Now, I want to circle back a little bit. You mentioned about feeling grief in your body. Can you elaborate on that a little bit more, please?

Yes. Massage therapists understand that our emotions are stored in your body. There are many massage therapists now. There is a lot of empirical data. They have uncovered that when they massage their client, they will spontaneously cry and release emotions. If you want to know the why and the science behind it, I recommend you look up Candace Pert. She did not win the Nobel Prize because she worked for another scientist at the time, and he won the Nobel Prize. It was her work. It was the time in the ‘70s and ‘80s that women were not noted.

Anyway, she has since crossed over. Her work still lives and Candace Pert studies peptides. She worked for the National Health Institute of our United States government. She did tremendous research and uncovered that emotions are stored in our cellular memory. That has to do with these peptides and locks and keys. I can get nerdy and geek up.

Go for it. Go all the way in.

Peptides are proteins. In fact, not only are you made of water, you are also made of lots of proteins that are activated within your DNA. The reason she started off her research was because she wanted to know why humans would be addicted to morphine. That was her question. Why would humans be addicted to morphine? Is there something similar in our bodies that we create naturally?

At that point, she had figured out that little molecules of proteins called peptides have a lock and key mechanism. Sure enough, she did uncover endorphins. In fact, it’s from Candace Pert that we have the word endorphins. Our bodies do produce endorphins that are like morphine from the poppies. From that research, she went deeper still and uncovered the brainwaves and the firing of the synapsis. That is made of protein. She uncovered that, indeed, we store emotions in ourselves.

Now you’re grieving and you’re storing this in your body. Why is that something I would want to release? What difference does it make?

Emotions are energy. When you have anything that is blocked or stuck in your body, you tend to get sick and ill. It is not by accident. Have you not noticed that when someone loses a partner, you hear stories that their wife or husband dies a year later?

Unfortunately, and that tends to happen more often than not for couples that have been together for a long period of time. The couples themselves are often older in age. Not that it doesn’t happen in in other groups, but that tends to be the higher percentage.

Even couples. A lot of studies put a husband and wife or child and a mother or father and child, and their brainwaves will sync. Older couples or couples with a long-term relationship will start to sync their heartbeats and minds, and they will even become telepathic.

I can relate to that. When you said that, it made me think different instances with my late husband. Originally, I would call him and say, “Do you want me to pick something up?” It would be at the moment he was ready to write a list. It became to the point that I could drive up to the grocery store, wait in the parking lot, and then go, “I’ll wait for him to call me.”

I likened it to the common patterns that we have. If you are in a relationship and you’re connected to someone and you are intertwined on the same page, as they would say, you do begin to sync where people will say, “You guys look alike.” I’ve heard people say that couples look more like brothers and sisters because they have begun to intertwine.

It also made me think of when you have a lot of women together and their menstruals all start align. They could have been on different weeks, but after they’re together, let’s say in bootcamp, basic training in college or places where they’re all together, that pattern starts to exist. Is that similar to what it is you’re referring to?

That’s it. What you’re describing is the quantum field. What I would say is that we are taught physical matter here in Newtonian physics. Something in motion stays in motion. I often teach people how to use a pendulum and it will be completely still. When I call in my beings of light, it will start to move. Mathematically, that should not move. What I would say is thousands of years ago, somebody said, “I wonder what makes up the trees. I wonder what makes up the rocks in the water,” and we discovered chemistry.

Someone said, “Is that the tiniest molecules? I wonder what molecules and atoms are made up of?” We uncovered the neutrons, electrons and protons. From there, we built this beautiful CERN collider the size of a city where all humans from all nationalities came together to discover what made physical matter. We discovered dark energy and dark matter. Our whole idea of what creates this consciousness was expanded.

It is like the idea of a radio. It’s a transistor radio. It changed our lives in World War I and World War II. It was a device because although he wasn’t the scientist who brought it forth, Tesla thought, “The sound is a wave. I wonder if I can capture it and receive it.” He created a device so that we could hear it. There are radio waves going through us. There is infrared waves and all sorts of waves in the spectrum of colors. Scientists will use prisms a lot. The white light has the red, blue, green, yellow, orange when you color the rainbow. When you bring it all back together, it’s white light. It’s bending energy.

Circle back a little bit. You mentioned that you were certified in Heart Math. Can you elaborate on that a little bit more and why someone would want to work with you in regards to that?

Yes. If you go to HeartMath.com, there’s a little device that you could clip to your ear and use on your phone. It’s a biofeedback device. It will tell you if your brain and heart are in coherence. They use heart rate variance. If you go to HeartMath.org, you’ll see the white papers, the science. You will learn about the FMRI machine by James Zimmerman, who used to work for Ford that did a superconductor.

There’s a lot of science behind it. What I would say is that what they uncovered around 50 years of research is that your heart is your command center. There’s a lot of communication. The same communication that is in our brain is in our heart cells. This is our command center. We actually send more communication from our heart, from our body to our brain and the heart runs everything. Very few communication from the brain goes to the heart. They were shocked because they thought the brain was the center.

It’s your heart. Your heart is the brain. If I say this to you, when a body dies, you can be brain dead and still alive. When a heart dies, you’re not. The first cell created for a baby is a heart cell, not the brain. There is a lot of information. What I would get from a lot of people is they’re like, “I can’t meditate. I can’t slow down my brain. All I hear is my thoughts.” I would say, “Don’t give up. Be patient.” It’s like a little three-year-old not ready for their nap. It’s okay.

Your heart is the center. Your heart is the brain. When a body dies, you can be brain-dead and still be alive. Share on X

It’s literally the same thing. The busyness, the trying not to go to sleep, but the rest is what that child needs. Why is meditation what we need?

Meditation increases the thickness of your prefrontal cortex. The benefit is your body heals. If you’re a diabetic, high blood pressure, or any physical illness, you will start to heal. What remarkably happens is I was afraid personally to meditate because I’ve always been a psychic and I was scared of that unseen world. I didn’t know it was love. It’s like you can watch a scary movie on TV or a love story, whatever you place your focus on. If you focus on connecting in love, you connect in love.

I didn’t know it was that simple. I was scared. I was afraid that I would open a Pandora’s box and I wouldn’t know what to do. I felt like I was playing with fire. I was like, “No.” I didn’t want to meditate. I resisted for a long time because I was very science-y until I saw the data. When I saw the data and the biofeedback, all you do is follow this little mandolin that breathes in and out. You bring in a feeling of love.

We can meditate together on this show. When you bring in a feeling of love, I was like, “Isabelle Zimmerman, I can’t believe you were so scared over this.” You know what it is? It’s like when my students come to me to connect to spirit, I say, “Don’t you remember being a teenager, being scared to kiss someone and you were afraid you didn’t know how to do it or you were afraid that you were going to be awful or you were afraid you were going to be hurt or that kind of thing?”

Maybe your first experience was like weird and awkward, but we got better at it. We’re like, “I like kissing.” Only your frame of reference was like you kiss your mama, your papa, or your auntie. That’s not the same. That’s only your frame of reference. When you start this journey, when you start meditating and then you’re ready to connect with your spirit guides and your ancestors, and then you feel this unconditional love, it’s remarkable. I am so passionate because I get to witness everyone’s first kiss.

I have two more questions that come to mind at this moment. Explain or speak a little bit more about beings of light.

What I would say to you is beings of light are on a spectrum of light that is a high frequency based in love. There are many frequencies of consciousness or energy. Beings of light can be galactic. They could be your ancestors on the other side who are based in love. They could be angels, angelic realms. I love working with the angelic realm. They’re wonderful. It was so funny, Tina. If you would’ve said to me, “Isabelle Zimmerman, are angels real?” I would’ve been like, “I don’t know. There’s a lot of mythology around it, but I don’t know if they’re real.”

I can tell you they are real. I love working with Michael and Raphael. My clients, when they’re scared, I bring in Michael and Raphael because they were to Earth. It’s always a profound experience for my clients because they cry and feel love and are like, “Oh my gosh.” I get to witness that beauty. I’m like, “I know. Meet Michael and Raphael. You can call them anytime. You feel them in your heart. You don’t have to be scared.” Our beings of light are nonphysical. They don’t have a physical form like us. When they communicate, they have to communicate in different ways. They’re always communicating with us. You know when it’s not your mind and it’s the being of light because it’s always a loving message. It’s never not been.



Thank you for sharing that. You mentioned students. How would one connect with you? How would they meet with you and what would that first conversation or consult look like?

If you are new and you haven’t meditated, you are at the level of belief, understanding that spirit guides are real, then that’s who I want. If you are still kicking the tires and you’re not sure, do your research. It’s okay. I love you no matter what. I’m not asking you to believe what I believe. I’m beyond it. I’ll just say I went to college. That’s all. I’m telling the freshmen, “Welcome to college. Just so you know, do wear your flip-flops. That is true. Don’t eat the eggs. They’re very dry and weird. Do have a bagel and the cream cheese is okay. Do not get Mr. Sloan as a professor. Go ahead and get Mrs. Tina. That’s who you want.”

That’s all it is. I’m a guide who has gone through college. I am no wiser or better or smarter. It’s just that I’ve had a chance for the curriculum to set in. If you want to work with me, I would recommend booking a discovery call. It’s free and is right on my website. We’ll chit-chat. I’m always connected to my spirit guides. Sometimes, I say, “Not yet.” Sometimes, I say, “My next class is such and such.” Sometimes I say, “You need to work with me one-on-one because you need to know who you are because of your mission.”

I never know. If you wanted to ease into a relationship with me, I also do this event called Money Love. It’s my honor. I’ve done it four months in a row and it’s profound. I can’t believe I get to do this event. I’m helping humanity have a different relationship with money, not over fear, not over control. It’s been a profound effect on me. Tina, if you said, “Isabelle, are you afraid of money,” I would’ve been like, “Tina, no,” because I was afraid of money.

Most people are.

It’s true. Connecting to consciousness is a hypnosis, and it’s also a little bit of a beautiful ceremony. Connecting to the consciousness of money in a new way, in a very loving way, and seeing your relationship with it has been remarkable. I told spirit, “I will do this event once a month.” Once a month, I pick a day and that’s it. You’ll have to wait until the following month if it gets booked.

I do a small grouping because there’s a lot in there. There’s a lot of teaching. There’s a mantra that is personalized. There’s a lot in there. It’s my honor to heal this relationship with money. Money was created. Some humans, their logical mind will say, “We didn’t want to do the barter system and so we created money so we didn’t do the barter system.”

I would say the Native American Indians lived a very long time without money. Money was shown to me as a group of people, and they said, “The Earth is so big, we can’t control all the resources of shelter, food, and water. How can we control that?” Money was born. We’ll make them pay for it. It’s true. I think we’ve all experienced feeling trapped by money or trapped by power over. It is a great honor for me to see and have a new relationship to create and use money in love and feel that love with that consciousness of money.

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The untapping, the untangling of things that have been holding people back. Have you worked specifically with people who are grieving, and how has your work helped them?

Yes. Specifically in grieving, I would say to you, those sessions tend to be one-on-one. Usually when someone comes to me, they’re hurt. That one-on-one nurturing seems to be necessary, I would say. If they’re further along in their healing journey, then the class connecting with their guides is good. We don’t do healing in that initial class. You’ve always been connected to your guides, but you’re not aware.

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That class is teaching you how to raise your vibration, reduce your fear. The science around it. It’s a very good foundational class. We start moving into the healing with your beings of light. That could be done in a group. If someone is in deep grief and pain, it seems that nurturing one-on-one is the best to start. I will tell you what’s interesting. I’ve done over 1,000 sessions over seven years. What is interesting is sometimes we don’t grieve in another life.

Spirit, your inner being, your guides or angels will ask you to grieve in this life because it’s even held within your soul field. It’s macro and micro. You can’t get away from it. It doesn’t matter. You can stomp your feet and cry. It’s sourced. Whatever, good luck, human. Everything is energy or consciousness. If that was not released in that lifetime, there would be bleed-throughs in this lifetime because you must see the gift. You must heal from that or transmute from it. This is the lifetime that a lot of humans will be doing a lot of healing.

Why particularly this lifetime?

I’m happy to say our species is going through a shift of consciousness. We’re moving more into oneness. We are raising our vibration, and we are turning our psychic abilities and our divine soul gifts into this incarnation and timeline. It is an honor to be part of this grand shift around the globe. You can see that more and more of us are awakening to love. There are even metaphysical stores in the mall. Who knew there would be crystal stores in the mall. Twenty years ago, there was no crystal stores. If you look up our global shift or ascension or 3D to 5D, you’re going to find millions of people aware of it. You’re going to find light language, star beings, and light workers. It’s all there.


Widowhood Real Talk with Tina | Isabelle Zimmerman | Healing Grief


Thank you. This has been so informative. I know I’ve asked you a lot of questions. Are there things in particular that you thought we should maybe cover that we didn’t dive into? Would you expound on that, please?

Tina, thank you for doing this. This is very necessary. We will not ascend as a species without going through our grief. That loss of love is felt. As a species, we did come here knowing we would feel this loss of love because we are in physical bodies. There are other worlds where consciousness is not physical. As a soul, we knew we would agree we would feel that pain of loss of love. It is important for us not to push away what we knew we would come to experience. You’re pushing away your lesson and not receiving the gift. I like to tease that you are having sex without the orgasm. Cut it out.

We will not ascend as a species without going through our grief. Share on X

No, thank you. No, not at all. You mentioned something. Too often, people do want to try to ignore the grief. They want to try to not feel it. They want to try to move on and not deal with the emotions are these other things. To heal and to learn how to continue having a life that you enjoy, I do find most often, it’s necessary to lean into the grief.

Leaning in. Tina is creating a safe place to discuss this. Tina is not judging you for your emotions. Tina is not judging you on how fast you heal or if you don’t heal or you do heal. It matters not if you are feeling the pain of the loss from 20 years ago or 5,000 years ago. It matters not to me. When I started this journey of doing hypnosis of past life regressions and came across lives that they needed to grieve in my session from not this current incarnation, you could only imagine as a practitioner, my surprise.

I saw it so often now I understand how necessary it is, and now I can facilitate that healing. I like hypnosis. The reason why I like hypnosis, and Tina and I, we were talking about this and I said, “Hypnosis is doing deep soul work without being overwhelmed and feeling the pain.” It’s like going to the dentist to get teeth work with Novocain. It is not painful, but it is healing and necessary.

When I’m doing hypnosis with you, it’s deep work, but it’s not painful. I’ve always seen people become lighter and joyful and transform before my eyes. It’s remarkable. What they’re afraid of is beauty and love. It’s that idea of that child ego, like mine, thinking, “I don’t want to take a nap,” or, “Kissing is like kissing my mom and dad. Gross.” They don’t understand. When they have that beautiful experience and it’s so transforming and it’s so powerful and they release in hypnosis, crying, they’re in awe.

Who doesn’t want to be in awe? Life brings a lot of things your way. If you can intentionally find the moments to be in awe, we should capture those. Thank you, Isabelle, for being available to help people, especially going through such a traumatic time and to help them find out how to get back their all. Grief will have a way of snatching that from you where the moment of their death can be all-consuming.


Widowhood Real Talk with Tina | Isabelle Zimmerman | Healing Grief


We want to remember the love. We want to remember the person. We want to remember those good memories, but we want to remember them more in awe than being stuck at that place of misery where we can’t see past that moment. Thank you so much for this conversation. Anything else you’d like to bring up that we didn’t talk about?

What I would say, the ones who have lost in this current incarnation, one of the most beautiful gifts is that they start being connected to their husband or wife or child and start receiving dreams and messages. They are closer than ever before. That is a wow. That is my honor to facilitate that.

I’m going to ask you two more questions. If you could pick any time in this carnation to talk to Isabelle Zimmerman, what would you pick and tell her?

I would tell her, “Don’t be afraid of meditation.”

What period of this carnation?

A few years ago. I would come as my future self and say, “You are being silly.” If I could go back to any part of my time, I would be with my daughter who was three days old and kiss her feet again and her little belly and be with her one more time like that. If I could, I can only go spiritually, but I would love to physically feel it again.

Is your daughter no longer in this world?

No, she is, but every stage is precious. Every friendship is precious. Sometimes, we take it for granted. There are cycles and you can be as mad as you want, but that is a prime creator. There are cycles. That is necessary for our soul growth. Even though I appreciated her development and my daughter is now grown up, I knew it was fleeting as a mama.

Yes, it is. That is such a beautiful memory. Thank you for sharing that.

You’re welcome.

What gives you joy now?

Tina, I can’t believe this. I was in IT operations. I’ve been working in Corporate America since I was fourteen years old. If you had told me my life is going to bring magic back to Earth, connect people to joy and love in the spirit realm, in the unseen realm, and to help them understand how amazing and remarkable they are, I see your soul. I get to see it. If I could wave the magic wand so you can see your own magnificence, I would, even for one second.

Thank you. I will let you close out this conversation and wrap it up.

There is way more going on than what you can see with your human eyes. Share on X

Thank you so much for spending time with Tina and I, and please be curious no matter where you are in your journey, and know there is way more going on than what you can see with your human eyes.

Thank you, Isabelle. Thank you, Widowhood, for being here.


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