From Grief To Growth: How Financial Coaching Can Be Your Lifeline With Cheyenne Syverson

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  Feeling lost after a life change? Divorce, grief, or just tired of living paycheck to paycheck? This episode’s your lifeline. Tina Fornwald talks with financial coach Cheyenne Syverson of Inspiring Solutions 4U about how to find your financial footing after a life-altering event. They explore the surprising power of financial coaching, especially for those dealing with grief. Forget rigid plans – Cheyenne’s about gentle nudges, untangling emotional ties to money, and building habits for a secure future. Find solace in inspiring stories of others who found strength, from creating “don’t buy” lists to rewriting their financial narratives. Learn how to avoid refinancing traps and shed limiting beliefs passed down through generations. Whether you’re facing a mountain of debt or simply want to feel more in control, discover how financial coaching can be your anchor to financial well-being.   Unlock exclusive savings with this unique discount code for Widowhood Real Talk With Tina: IS4U-WRTWT. Enjoy a 10% discount using this code.   I am sharing my experience of loving the same man for 32 years, a mother to two adult children, a retired military officer, a breast cancer survivor, and my connections with others.   Anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts should reach out to a suicide hotline or local emergency number in their country:“ — Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   From Grief To Growth: How Financial Coaching Can Be Your Lifeline With Cheyenne Syverson Our guest is Cheyenne, and she is a financial coach. You say, “Why?” It’s because I know that there is a great deal of people in this community where finances are an immense hurdle in dealing with our grief. I want you to have the tools. I want you to have access to people that can help you. Cheyenne is going to provide you with the ability to not say if I have money or not but change the narrative that is in your mind. Not to look at it as the textile part as far as the technical terms, but understand your relationship with money, what you can do to empower yourself to change it, and how you can have a different scenario in your life and your future as it relates to things that you need to manage with money. Let’s get into the discussion now.     Our guest is Ms. Cheyenne Syverson and she is a financial coach. Yes, I did say coach because when you’re dealing with your money, isn’t it better sometimes to have someone who’s going to coach you through? I’m a life coach, so I can relate to that. When I hear that word as it relates to your money, you’re telling someone what your expectations are and what your goals are. They encourage and coach you through making that decision, but that’s my conversation. Cheyenne says that she is going to give us the scoop on it, which is why she’s here. Welcome.  Thank you so much, Tina. I forgot to mention this because I always want to get right into the conversation. If or when you decide to work with Cheyenne, she is supporting the widowhood. When you reach out to her, please mention the code IS4U-WRTWT and she’s going to be so kind as to give you a 10% discount for her services. Let’s get right into this. I want you to know Cheyenne is an early riser. She got me up. She got your girl up at 7:00 AM to have this conversation. I’m excited about the early bird mentality. Monday through Friday, I am up at 4:00 AM. I think my body has learned. Where are you from originally? I’m originally from Northern Minnesota, a small town about an hour and a half away from the Canadian border. Have you lived there your entire life? Where are you now? I am in Wyoming now. I moved here many years ago. I transferred to my job here and I love the mountains and all the outdoor activities that Wyoming has to offer. When I hear the word Wyoming, I think of something picturesque and relaxing. I know it’s not like that when you’re driving to work every day, or maybe you can see the mountains from where you’re at, or do you have to travel someplace to enjoy them? You can see them from the town. To get into them, though, it takes about half an hour to be at the foothills, but you can see them from town, so it’s a beautiful way to wake up. Financial Coaching How did you get into that financial coaching? Explain what that means. Sure. It’s a funny story because I started in high school taking an assessment that said, “You’ll do good with numbers.” I thought that’s funny. I loved animals. I have a degree in Animal Science and Equine Science. Believe it or not, I was hired before I finished college into an intern position doing agricultural lending because of that background. That’s how I got started in finance. Once I got into it, I realized, wow, we’re not taught a whole lot about it. I started to ask a lot of questions, and while I started doing my training, I started to help people at my place of employment. I started to share a lot more concepts of things that I was learning from other people. Financial coaching, to me, is helping people tell themselves a better story around their money. I realized through the journey that we’re not taught. Even in my degree, I wasn’t taught money management. When I first started, I had to change a marketing class to even have a basic introduction to finance before I went into my job. I was like, “Why?”     How do you go into production agriculture? That’s where I had expected to go and be able to be profitable when I didn’t even know how to manage money other than always paying my bills first and living on the rest. Second …

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