Forever My Starlight! Forever My Wife! Forever My Love With Addison Drake, A Young Widower

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  How would you face a tragic tale? A story where Snow White finally sleeps and never wakes up. This is a tale where God plucks a beautiful flower and turns her into a star. Addison Drake, a young widower, recounts a heart-wrenching story from the day they meet until God snuffed out his wife’s breath and turned her into his starlight. TikTok became his outlet after the loss because he found none. While most widowers still have their kids or grandkids after losing their spouse, he finds no comfort when his beautiful flower left this world. Tune in to this heartbreaking episode and see how much courage Addison Drake has to swallow the apple of life.   How to connect with Addison: Facebook: TikTok: @beyondstarlight2021   Thank you for viewing this post. I am not a licensed therapist or professional life coach. I am sharing my experience of loving the same man for 32 years, a mother to two adult children, a retired military officer, a breast cancer survivor, and my connections with others. Anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts should reach a suicide hotline or local emergency number in their country. — Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   Forever My Starlight! Forever My Wife! Forever My Love With Addison Drake, A Young Widower Welcome to this conversation with Addison. Addison and I met on TikTok. I am looking for the male voice in this conversation and that’s why I reached out to him. Let’s get into this conversation.     In this episode, our guest is Addison. It isn’t random. I wanted to have more men to have their voice in this conversation. When I saw Addison was so willing to share his story, it drew me to him to ask him to have this conversation. It may seem random for probably all the people that reach out to him but my desire was intentional to be able to have his voice be part of the widowhood. I am glad that he is here. Welcome, Addison. Thank you for having me. Tell us about you. Tell us about your wife. Share, please. I have been widowed for several years. I’m right in that weird middle. There’s not a specific one. I was technically 29 years old when my wife passed away. She passed a couple of months before my birthday and a little bit after her 30th. We were close together. I’m a normal guy. I work at non-emergency medical transport, which is wheelchair transportation of people from doctor’s appointments and things like that that don’t need ambulatory services. They need transport because most cars don’t fit wheelchair people. That’s a little bit about me as a person. As far as my wife, are you wanting to know how we met? Yes, and her name. My wife’s name is Brittany. Brittany Anne is her first and middle name but I referred to her as Starlight. That was her nickname. Only I knew that nickname until after she passed away and then I let it out that that was her nickname. Most of the time, people would hear me call her babe, honey or dear. It was normal pet names. She got that specific nickname from me the day that we first kissed. If I used that name, it was a serious moment. It’s not like, “You’re in trouble,” serious but, “This is an intimate thing and I need you to be paying attention to me,” type of thing. Before we got to Starlight, we had to have met. How did you and Brittany meet? Our meeting had to be a God thing because the church that we met at is off the beaten path. There are no big signs that say, “Come to this church. This is our service times.” It is a building on the back of a lady’s property. The church is called The Glory Barn. It’s off the beaten path. Usually, you’re invited out there or you hear about it through maybe Facebook or something. There’s no way of getting out there unless you know it’s there. I’ve been attending this church for a while. At this time, I was also traveling and speaking as an evangelist. I would be there for a time and then be gone traveling and doing other things and then come back. Interestingly enough, the church only does night services. It’s on Sunday nights only and Wednesday nights. That way, everybody else can go to another church on Sunday morning or other things like that. It’s night service only. She came in with a friend several months before we connected. At that time, I wasn’t looking for a wife, a girlfriend or any of that. I had put the dating game away from me. I was focused on being a minister and doing those other things. The very first time I met her, she was face down on the ground, having a moment bawling. She was having a church moment. I didn’t think much of it. I pushed a box of attention to her and moved on. I didn’t much care to know her name or anything. She was another churchgoer. I left the church for a couple of months to do other engagements. I came back one night and she was one of the very first people to greet me. She came up to me and said, “It’s so good to see you.” She hugged me. At that moment, for whatever reason when she said my name, everything else stopped. It was the whole-time-stood-still type of thing but almost in a literal sense. It was almost like everything else faded away for a split second. A light switch flipped inside of my soul. Something instantly changed within me. I had this overwhelming desire to know who she was. I didn’t have that with anybody else. I didn’t care about anybody else. When she said my name and hugged me, it was like something changed. …

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