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  Trusting your own gut and intuition is never enough to keep a relationship strong and meaningful. You must also know how to read and follow the signs of loves. This is exactly what Gwen Wright did in her life, especially during her grieving journey following the death of his husband Doug. In this episode, she shares how she met her partner in a little town in Wisconsin, got married, got divorced, and got back together. Gwen returns to the exact moment her husband died, reminisces their most wonderful moments together, and how his death impacted her daughters. She also talks about how going into a grief seminar alleviated her challenging journey and her plans to establish a foundation supporting widows and single mothers.   Thank you for viewing this post. I am not a licensed therapist or professional life coach.   I am sharing my experience of loving the same man for 32 years, a mother to two adult children, a retired military officer, a breast cancer survivor, and my connections with others.   Anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts should reach out to a suicide hotline or local emergency number in their country:   Tina Fornwald — Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   Following The Signs Of Loves With Gwen Wright Our guest is Ms. Gwen Wright. I met her on TikTok. I instantly knew her conversation would add value to the widowhood. I am grateful for her accepting the invitation and the conversation, especially the day that we’re recording how important it is to her. Let’s get into this conversation. I want to hear from you. Please message and email me at about how you felt about this conversation. Let’s get into it now.     Gwen Wright, welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. This is going to be a good opportunity. I am grateful to have you here. You have already been part of the widowhood, and you’re part of this particular show conversation. For the world to know, I did start her slow key, high key on TikTok. I’m watching her share her journey. I wanted to highlight her journey and share how wonderful one is with the world. Thank you for those words. I appreciate that. 2024 is the five-year mark of Doug not officially passing away because he was on life support for three days. Friday will be the day that we officially recognize his passing. This is the day when he went down on our kitchen floor. It’s the day that our life completely changed. That’s what happens when you become a widow. I’m meant to be here talking about this. That’s how I feel. This is going to be a wonderful way to honor him and continue to honor him. We’re recording this on January 24th, 2024. That day is important for Gwen. The day it will air will be different. As people are reading, they’ll be able to know what that day is. Let’s back up a little bit in your life. Who is Doug? How did you meet? I want all of that. Doug and I both grew up in a little town here in Wisconsin. I went to high school at the neighboring school. I’ve known him before I even had a driver’s license, around sixteen years old. I was dating this different boy. There used to be this arcade, a place where you play pool and had all the old arcade games, and a pizza joint. When I was in high school, my boyfriend introduced me to this person in Osceola. I started hanging out more. We eventually broke up, and I still came to town. There was this boy who kept coming around. I was like, “Who is this guy?” Our schools were rivals. When the football games were happening, everybody went to them. We were at a football game. He kept circling around like all that childish stuff. One time, we were at the arcade. He came down the sidewalk, he and his buddies, and they threw this football. He comes running down to catch this long-yardage football in front of me. I said, “Is that all you got?” I walked away. The next day, we were sitting in the arcade. A bunch of my girlfriends were there, and we got up and ready to leave. He grabbed me by my wrist, spun me around, dipped me back, and planted this huge kiss on me. That’s what he was like, “That’s what I got.” That’s how we met. We dated when I was a senior in high school. He had already graduated from high school. When I was a senior at the end time, he was like, “You need to have your senior year. I don’t want to tie you down.” He broke my heart. I went off and did my own thing, but he was always around. Through other relationships, he always came and picked me up. He was my friend. We got back together, started dating, and moved in with each other. We bought a house, all of that, and got married. Through our marriage, I got bored, and we got divorced. What age were you when you guys reconnected? It’s 21 or 22 years old. No, you are going too fast. We need to back it up a little bit. What was the transition to catalyst? What made you reconnect with Doug at 21 or 22? I was in this relationship with this boy. It was not a good relationship, and I needed to leave. It was one of those relationships I needed to leave. I don’t know how to get out of this. I don’t have an out. I don’t know how to leave. Doug came and was like, “I’m going to get you out. He went to the house where I was living and started packing. He helped me pack all of this stuff, got me out, …

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