Winning Financial Solutions: Critical Financial Advice And Guidance For Widows And Widowers With Kelly B Hunter

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  When you lose your spouse, you start again from scratch. How can we get back up again financially after the loss? In this episode, Kelly B. Hunter of Winning Financial Solutions shares some critical financial advice and guidance for widows and widowers. We need to get our bearings after losing our partner. As homeowners, we can get bearings through Mortgage Protection Insurance because there are options for paying our mortgage off. She clarifies that the widow’s benefits on their late husband’s social security get nullified if they remarried before 60 years old. Find more insights in this episode as Kelly Hunter financially guides you through your loss.   Thank you for viewing this post. I am not a licensed therapist or professional life coach.   I am sharing my experience of loving the same man for 32 years, a mother to two adult children, a retired military officer, a breast cancer survivor, and my connections with others.   Anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts should reach a suicide hotline or local emergency number in their country. — Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   Winning Financial Solutions: Critical Financial Advice And Guidance For Widows And Widowers With Kelly B Hunter Our guest is Ms. Kelly B. Hunter. Kelly B. Hunter is a financial freedom strategist, financial literacy author, advocate, and educator, Board/FCRA Certified Personal and Business Credit Professional, Freddie Mac Certified Smart Trainer, and multi-state licensed life insurance, health, and annuity producer. She is the Founder and CEO of Winning Credit Solutions, as well as Kelly B Protects Me. Ms. Hunter is the host and content creator of Winning Credit Solutions, a weekly podcast. The program airs on Redink Live. She serves as a Director of Financial Literacy Program with What About Us, which is a New York-based nonprofit that serves youth transitioning out of New York foster care systems. Ms. Hunter has written financial literacy curriculum for the largest foster care agency in New York City and is writing a curriculum for the SAAS training program. Ms. Hunter also serves as a Treasurer of the Financial Committee Chair in the Monroe County Branch of the NAACP. Kelly is a mother, a grandmother, a cancer conqueror, a widow, and now the CEO of a thriving financial service firm. Kelly works predominantly with single-parent professionals and mompreneurs to help them design a non-judgmental, holistic five-step game plan to take their finances from flawed to freedom. In the sum of her unique life experience, Kelly’s willingness to share her triumphs through suddenlys of life, enabled this dynamic woman to coach her clients through the importance of being prepared, proactive, and protected. Let’s get into this conversation with Kelly B. Hunter.     In this episode, my guest is Ms. Kelly B. Hunter. Kelly and I go way back, but I’m going to let her introduce herself and then we’ll jump right into it. As Tina said, I’m Kelly B. Hunter. Tina and I met in a widows’ group. I was there first and then Tina came very shortly thereafter. Before we started the conversation, Tina asked if I was okay with how I became Kelly B. Hunter, the financial freedom strategist. My husband’s passing was the catalyst for me wanting to start my business. The interesting thing was we had decided that my husband was going to retire that December in 2016. That was going to be it for him which took about two years for me to even convince him that it was time for him to retire. He wouldn’t retire with his full pension or whatever. I said, “Okay.” My son is off to college and I’ll have more time and I’ll need something to do. Maurice purchased a business for me and I thought that I was going to be making these personalized children’s books, which were amazingly cute. I was making them for friends and family. Life changed and I decided that was not going to do it for me. Going through grief therapy, counseling, and meeting all of these amazing women who were in the same situation having lost their husbands, but they had been stay-at-home moms, they were home raising their children, taking care of their homes, and doing all this stuff. I came to understand that my financial circumstances were very different than most of the other women that I had encountered. The way that Maurice and I worked, he made the money and I spent the money. It was my responsibility to be a good steward of the money that he made. I was very clear about where we stood financially, even with his passing. I also came to understand that that was not the circumstance for many of the other women that became widows or suddenly became widows. They didn’t know anything about their finances. They didn’t have any credit in their name. They may not have had life insurance or they thought that the insurance policy of their husband’s job was enough and it wasn’t. That would’ve been an accidental death and dismemberment policy that didn’t pay out under the circumstances upon which he passed. They were losing their homes. Their homes were being foreclosed on. There was a lot going on. After being in therapy for a few years, I decided that was the work that I needed to do. That would allow me to serve in a way that would impact the greatest number of people that I could possibly and affect more change. Children’s books weren’t going to do it. The books were cute though. The books were adorable. I still make them for my grandchildren on occasion. I didn’t do Easter books. You’re absolutely right. I was like, “I could see that.” It is interesting how we met in the worst circumstance in life. Here we are, years later, you have taken your pain and made purpose out of it because there is a demographic of people that you can help. It started with …

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