The Long Grief Journey: Finding Support And Healing After Loss With Dr. Pamela D. Blair

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  Grief does not follow a timeline and can last throughout a person’s entire life. When grief becomes unresolved in the long term, it can later affect your mental health. In this episode, Dr. Pamela D. Blair, the Author of The Long Grief Journey, talks about her own long grief journey and how she found healing from it. The key: a support group. After losing her ex-husband, she shares how she found the much-needed support from her sister who had gone through a similar loss. Learn more about Dr. Blair’s journey of healing after loss. Plus, hear the story of how she wrote her first book, I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye.   Thank you for viewing this post. I am not a licensed therapist or professional life coach. I am sharing my experience of loving the same man for 32 years, a mother to two adult children, a retired military officer, a breast cancer survivor, and my connections with others.  Anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts should reach out to a suicide hotline or local emergency number in their country — Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   The Long Grief Journey: Finding Support And Healing After Loss With Dr. Pamela D. Blair I am excited about our guest. Her name is Dr. Pamela Blair. She is a co-author of two books. The first book, I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye, was something that a friend gave me when my late husband Mark passed. It was a lifeline for me trying to manage grief, understand what was before me, and grasp what I could do to help myself in the process. She has co-authored another book called The Long Grief Journey. Both of these books have their place in our life. The I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye is so vital in dealing with the loss of a loved one, especially if they died unexpectedly. Her book has been one of the top sellers. It is a cornerstone in the process of dealing with grief. It was so helpful to guide people that experienced the loss of a loved one during 9/11. After over twenty years of that book, we’re realizing that people still need more because what happens after grief is still impacting us 2, 3, or 20 years later. Society gives us the, “It should have been done in six months. How do we deal with that?” The Long Grief Journey deals with so many parts of that. I want to give you a little bit about who our guest is. Ms. Pamela Blair is an author, motivational speaker, and historically trained psychotherapist. She is holistically trained as a psychotherapist. She’s a life coach and motivational speaker with a PhD from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Pam has appeared in magazines, hundreds of shows, and radio programs, including ABC World News, CNN Headline News, and Fox & Friends, and filmed for a television special titled Widowsville. She is the author of books for women, The Next Fifty Years: A Guide for Women at Midlife and Beyond and Getting Older Better. Pamela also co-authored the bestselling and award-winning book on sudden loss and grief, I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye: Surviving, Coping and Healing After the Sudden Death of a Loved One. She is currently retired, facilitating a group for women writers, mentoring in the school system, working on a novel, and living in Vermont with her husband and two cats. Pam is an internationally bestselling author whose books have been translated into multiple languages and is looking for the new release of her co-authored book, The Long Grief Journey. You can find The Long Grief Journey on our website under Resources. There’s a link there to purchase it. Let’s get into this conversation now.     Welcome, Dr. Pamela Blair, to the Widowhood. It’s nice to be here, Tina. It’s nice to have you here. I am so grateful for your willingness to bring your expertise based on your life experience and your many years of practice in serving other people. I am sorry for the methodology that has brought you to this room, but I am grateful for your willingness to be part of this conversation and to be here for the Widowhood. I’m glad to be here 100%. Let’s get started. For you that may not know, Dr. Pamela Blair is one of the co-authors of I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye. I have mentioned this book several times because someone provided it to me, and it was a lifeline. I know she has authored some other books. We’re going to get into those, but I think this was one of your first books in the grief arena. Would you be willing to tell us a little bit about how this book came to be? This was a year before 9/11. I was writing a newsletter for people who were going through a divorce. My co-author who happened to own a publishing company contacted me and said, “You can write. If you can write about divorce, can you also write about grief?” I said, “It so happened that I had a former husband who died suddenly, and I’ve learned a lot about grief personally. I’d be delighted to co-author a book with you.” Her reason for wanting to write the book was to honor her brother who died of anaphylactic shock from a bee sting. We worked on the book together. There was a lot of remote stuff that you could do like we can today. A lot of it went back and forth over landlines where you had to listen for the sound. That was like the internet or whatever. That book was written in twenty-minute segments because of a brain injury I sustained around the time I signed the contract for it. I was nearly killed in a car accident. I had a brain injury, but I could only write for about twenty minutes at a time, and then …

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