The Journey To Living As A Healthy And Happy Widow With Sammie Hawkins

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  Losing a life partner can be a very difficult and lonely experience. You lose every bit of hope because a future without them is unimaginable. But life moves forward, and with it, we learn how to cope. More than that, this episode’s guest is letting others in on her own experience so they can find inspiration to start living life again, healthy and happy. Sammie Hawkins joins Tina Fornwald to take us on her journey on how she seeks the path to becoming a healthy and happy widow. She explains the impact of the life-changing event that happened to her life, losing her spouse, and how she managed to face it. Sammie’s experience led her to share hope with people traversing the path of grief and loss. Take this moment with Sammie to find the light in the dark we are dealing with because the future is brighter when we learn to move forward. Thank you for viewing this post. I am not a licensed therapist or professional life coach. I am sharing my experience of loving the same man for 32 years, a mother to two adult children, a retired military officer, a breast cancer survivor, and my connections with others. Anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts should reach out to a suicide hotline or local emergency number in their country: — Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   The Journey To Living As A Healthy And Happy Widow With Sammie Hawkins In this episode, our guest is Ms. Sammie Hawkins from the UK. She has stayed up late to have this conversation because she knows how important it is. I am looking forward and Sammie is too to hearing your feedback. Connect with her on TikTok. She will share that. We will get right into this conversation. Welcome, Sammie. Tina, thanks for inviting me. Thank you for saying yes. Sammie, how are you doing? Not too bad. We are in the middle of a heat wave in the UK so that’s been quite a challenge because we don’t have air-conditioning here so it’s quite warm. We do in some places so in our cars and restaurants but not in our houses. If I’m looking a bit pink, it’s because it’s 90 degrees. Is it 90 degrees at 10:00 PM?     Probably not outside but in my house probably. I wanted to make sure we brought that up because I want them to know how committed you were to this conversation. You did not let that stop you. You are over there looking flawless and happy. I want them to appreciate your commitment to this conversation. That’s why I wanted to make sure to say that. Thank you. I wouldn’t have missed it. How long have you been in the UK? Are you born and raised there? Where other places have you lived? Just in different parts of the UK. Where in the UK do you live? I live in the midlands I suppose it would be called. It’s in the middle part of the country. I’m quite close to Oxford and Cambridge. If you follow the Formula One Grand Prix, I’m extremely close to the Silverstone racing circuit. We have the Mercedes team in our town. Lewis Hamilton’s team is based in our town so lots of people in our town work for Mercedes. I have mostly lived around this area for most of my life. What places have you traveled to in the world? I traveled a lot to the States. I have a timeshare at Disney World so I’m a bit of a Disney freak. I love the whole positivity and ethos of Disney. It is my happy place. I have been there lots of times. I traveled to lots of other places in the States as well and also to Thailand and lots of places in Europe. There are so many places that I can’t even remember. Thailand is probably the most exotic place I have been to. I loved Thailand. It was a very big place. Interestingly, you mentioned Disney World. I went to Disney World with my mom and my sister. It’s a happy place. We went to another amusement park and it seemed that people were not as happy and jovial as they were at Disney in other different places. It’s a big thing about it being the happiest place on earth but I’m starting to believe it in comparison to other people. I’m going to start taking note of that. I do know a lot of people who like to travel to Disney. It’s interesting to be in the UK and have a timeshare to go to Disney World. That’s a serious commitment right there to the happiest place. My son has probably been eighteen times there. That’s the joy of being part of the Disney Vacation Club where we can go whenever we want. It makes it much more affordable to go. You have intrigued me. What is part of the Disney Vacation Club? It’s a Disney timeshare so you buy into it. We bought into it at a time when the pound was very strong against the dollar. We got a bit of a bargain. You get to go to Disney every year for years if you want to. We love it. That was one of the best things I got out of my divorce, which will probably come up later. In my first marriage, I got to keep the Disney timeshare. That was a great thing. Before getting married, what was your life look like? We will get into the first marriage to your late husband. I had a very happy childhood. I went to a convent school, which I loved even though I’m not Catholic. I went on to a boarding school for the last few years. We did what we call A levels. I’m not quite sure what the equivalent is in the USA. I went to York University, which was amazing. I …

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