From Pain To Purpose: Navigating Through The Grief Journey With Jason Clawson

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  Prepare to embark on a deeply moving journey through the intricate landscape of grief, where pain transforms into purpose. In this episode, we unravel the deeply moving narrative of Jason Clawson, a licensed therapist with a heart-wrenching personal love story. In this emotionally charged conversation, Jason courageously opens up about the loss of his child diagnosed with anencephaly, the challenges of navigating infertility, and the heartbreaking journey of grief with his wife, Valerie, who later battled stage four colon cancer. Delving into the complexities of grief, Jason emphasizes the importance of creating a safe space for men to share their experiences and the transformative power of vulnerability. From the heartbreak of leaving the hospital without their baby to the strength found in community support, Jason’s story unfolds with profound insights into healthy coping skills, the impact of significant life changes, and the remarkable healing journey that extends to helping others through The Hope Kit. This episode is a poignant exploration of personal grief, professional expertise, and the resilience found in community support—a testament to the strength that emerges from facing life’s most profound challenges. Thank you for viewing this post. I am not a licensed therapist or professional life coach. I am sharing my experience of loving the same man for 32 years, a mother to two adult children, a retired military officer, a breast cancer survivor, and my connections with others.  Anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts should reach out to a suicide hotline or local emergency number in their country: — Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   From Pain To Purpose: Navigating Through The Grief Journey With Jason Clawson Our guest is Mr. Jason Clawson. He has a journey to share with us. I want you to know that Jason is a licensed therapist, but he also has a love story to share with us. We take time to dip between Jason, a therapist, and Jason, the man you will grow from this conversation. I also encourage you, as you read this, to share with other people who are struggling and looking for a way to find out how not to be muted in their grief. This is a conversation that will help them and also your family or friends that you feel like you may be struggling with, giving them guidance on how to support you on your grief journey. Let’s get into this conversation.     Jason, welcome to the show. I’m excited to be here. Thank you so much. I’m excited to have you here, and not because of the circumstances, but oftentimes, we do not have enough men who are willing to share their journey. I am grateful for that because we’re trying to create a safe space for men. We have a support group that meets twice a month on the second Thursday of the month, 6:00 PM Eastern Time, exclusively for the men’s support groups. That part is important to our organization. Thank you for being here and with all that good energy. I’ve been resting up for it. Where are you in the world now? I’m located in Utah. How did you find yourself there? Were you born and raised there or relocated? I was born and raised here. My dad is from California. My mom is from Washington. They met at college here. They loved it so much that they stayed here. I’m still here. My kids and I love it here. This is what we call home. Do you live in the same hometown you grew up in or moved to a particular area? I live about ten minutes away from my house, where I was born and raised. It’s a circumstance of how close we are. It’s been a big blessing for us because I’ve been able to help my family. My mom and dad have been able to help me through my journey when my wife got sick with cancer. When my mom got cancer, I was able to reciprocate and give back to my dad and my mom the same energy and love they gave to me when I was going through my journey. I feel like a blessing to be close by and to be an instrument to help as well as to receive help from them. Loving Valerie I can relate to that. My mom and sister live next door. To me, family is everything. You mentioned your wife. What is her name? How did you guys meet? My wife is Valerie. We met through a friend of mine, her brother named Brad, and he wanted us to meet before we even met. He said, “When she gets off a mission for our church, you guys need to connect and meet.” We met, and I was like, “You are Brad’s sister.” She’s like, “You are Brad’s friend. It’s nice to meet you.” That was it. Where did it go from there? There wasn’t any synergy. A year later, we ran into each other. We got talking more. I took my chance. I found out how cool she was, and I said, “I’d like to do something with you.” She says, “I’ll get my brother and friends. We’ll get together.” I said, “I don’t want to hang out with your brother. I hang out with him all the time. I want to hang out with you.” We made plans for a date. Later that night, I got a message that said she had something, and she canceled the date. I was like, man, “Is this ever going to happen?” She said, “I didn’t want this to get back to my brother.” She called back and said, “Let’s go to lunch together.” We went to lunch. That’s where we got to know each other and connected. That’s where our relationship started. What year was that? That was about 2004 or 2005. How long did you guys date? Where did it go from there? We got married in December. We started …

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